Why share?

Why pay for lodging when travelling?

Everything starts with this question
Why pay for lodging when traveling if you are already paying your rent or mortgage where you live?

-We are the first specialized online platform for room exchange between members who live in shared housing,
thus allowing them to temporarily exchange their rooms or space and travel all around the world without spending a cent on accommodation
in a 100% safe and secure environment

The idea is simple:
You reach an agreement with another member from the room4exchange community
to exchange rooms temporarily for an agreed period of time be it a weekend or a few weeks or even months.


There are no rental costs involved.
No messy paperwork.
No deposits no fees.
Direct contact with users.
Live with locals and do as locals do.
Learn new languages and share experiences with your new ´roomies´.

Be clever...

To make the most of your stay, immerse yourself in your environment
Visit local markets, buy local produce
Save money and cook at home
Make the most of your multilingual roomies