Guidelines summary

At no time will money exchange hands.
An exchange is 100% free between exchangers

The payment of the rent and related utilities (water, light, gas, internet, cable, etc) of the shared space must be up to date during the whole exchange period.

All exchanges must include as a minimum the following requirements in order to be published
  • Private space with bed (indicating number of people allowed)
  • Clean bed linen, pillows, blankets, and other basic items must be provided for your guest
  • Free and permanent access to bathroom, shower and wc, all with hot water.
  • Free entrance to the space and house 24 hrs a day
  • Free permanent wifi

Kitchen, fridge, terrace, garden, living room, swimming pool and other common areas must be available to the exchanger. All areas must be treated with respect, and kept clean and tidy and in good working order.

The flatmates must be informed and in agreement with the exchanges.Usually they are also member and love meeting new people ;)

The room or space published is the responsibility of the room4exchange member. Members must be 18 years of age or over and their profiles and personal details given are done so freely and willingly to room4exchange.