Discover how you can travel by temporarily exchanging your room

Quick Start Guide

By creating your listing

Step 1. Post a listing with your favourite destination and inform about the dates.
Step 2. You will receive proposals from other members that you can accept or refuse.

By getting in touch through another member's listing

Step 1. If you see an interesting listing, send an exchange proposal.
Step 2. The other member will receive your proposal and he/she may accept it or refuse it.

When both parts agree on the exchange, you two can be in touch directly through our chat, you can exchange your telephone numbers, whatsapp, skype...and you will be able to talk and feel at ease.

If you have any doubts or questions, you will find a section in each advert where you can make questions to other members.

In case of cancellation, please, inform the other person in advance to avoid negative evaluations regarding your profile.

Rules for being a good exchanger

  • Exchanges are made simultaneously and without payments between members.
    There aren't renting or sub-letting.
  • The length of the exchange is indicated in the listing.
    Normally a weekend, city breaks, weeks or even months.
  • Only private rooms are accepted.
    Shared rooms are not accepted.
  • If the flat is shared with other people, they must be informed and agree on the exchange.
    Flatmates, relatives, etc.
  • Each member continues paying the bills as usual, (in their existing home) without changing the ownership (flat rental, wifi, utilities).
  • All agreed shared areas must be accessible.
    Kitchen, bathroom, living room...
  • Remember that it is a community based on trust and mutual respect.
    Be Good!